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    Providing IT services for all steps in the market research value chain—for both syndicated and custom market research.

    Companies are looking for measurable returns on all their marketing efforts, including information that sheds ROI insights on pay-per-click, banner advertising and social media. Our solutions provide just that—cross-platform measurement with a focus on data quality, along with market research and advanced analytics.

    We also develop highly customized technical solutions for many of our clients, including six of the top 10 market research agencies worldwide.


    Reporting and Analytics

    Cognizant’s Market Research practice provides one-stop support for all consulting, IT services, IT infrastructure and BPO services—from research design all the way through final report generation. 

    Our reporting and analytics services incorporate business intelligence, predictive analysis, interactive dashboards, statistical modeling, and web and social media analytics.

    • Business intelligence and predictive analytics
    • Web/social media analytics
    • Big data analytics
    • Advanced analytics and statistical modeling
    • Interactive dashboards

    Data Collection and Processing

    We use the latest CATI, CAWI and data warehousing tools to provide:

    • Data collection systems
    • Data processing
    • Data management services and warehousing
    • Big data management

    Survey Management

    We manage surveys, from design and creation through administration, using leading tools like IBM SPSS, Confirm IT or custom applications.

    • Online/traditional survey programming
    • Mobile/social/interactive survey programming
    • Campaign management
    • Survey hosting on cloud and other platforms

    Sample/Panel Management

    Using CRM and BPM tools, we create and manage samples and panels, providing the software necessary for full analysis.

    • Panel management and maintenance
    • Panel migration
    • Sample management
    • Loyalty management system


    Consider Cognizant market research for all your consulting, IT services, IT infrastructure and BPO services.

    The Technical and Analytics Challenges of Market Research Providers

    Learn how our market research services allow companies to overcome their IT challenges and thrive in a competitive market.

    Market Research & Media Measurement Solutions | Cognizant Technology Solutions
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